Prime Physiotherapy has experienced physiotherapists able to apply waterproof casts following fractures. Whether the fracture is acute and requires a back slab to allow swelling to stabilise before a full cast is applied or a fully weight bearing waterproof cast is required, our experienced staff can help you. Prime Physiotherapy utilises the newest casting technology using polypropylene casting material. This plastic cast is lighter, stronger and more comfortable than even fibreglass technology. New waterproof padding material ensures that the cast is snug and comfortable, ensuring full immobilisation of your fractured limb and therefore the best opportunity for healing.

Cartilage tears (Meniscal Injuries)

Waterproof Cast

Commonly applied casts include:
Short arm cast
Long arm cast
Scaphoid and Bennets cast
Short leg cast, weight bearing, PTB cast
Long leg cast
Hip Spica
Full body Jacket


Prime Physiotherapy provides a range of splinting products, from custom fitted thermoplastic splints to fitted elastic braces. Splints are utilised for simple fractures, sprains and for resting splints/serial casting splints.

Common splinting applications include:
Carpal tunnel
Occupational overuse syndrome
Fractured fingers
Mallet finger injuries
Dynamic splinting for hand injuries
Tennis elbow splints
Foot drop splints
Knee ROM splints/braces
Thumb splints (gamekeepers thumb)
Resting splints for arthritis