Neck Problems

Injury, muscle tension and postural problems are common causes of neck pain.

Arthritis and degeneration of the discs can also cause pain.

Sometimes an otherwise healthy neck just goes “out” or “cricked”.

These are common conditions managed by our practice, as well as nerve compressions (“radiculopathy”), whiplash, muscle spasms, wry neck and torticollis.

No matter what the cause, physiotherapy can resolve the pain by identifying and correcting treatable elements of the problem – typically stiffness, weakness or poor posture. Even in the presence of severe arthritis, spondylitis or degeneration there can be excellent, lasting results from therapy – often within only a few consultations.

Review of research* including randomised trials has shown that multi-modal care including some combination of manipulation or mobilizations and exercise was superior to control, other physical medicine methods, and rest for the treatment of mechanical neck disorders with or without radiculopathy or cervicogenic headache.

Prime physiotherapy’s experienced and postgraduate qualified therapists are able to draw from the widest range of techniques to ensure that the most prompt recovery is achieved with maximum comfort and minimum repeat visits.

*Clinical practice guideline on the use of manipulation or mobilization in the treatment of adults with mechanical neck disorders

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